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Round Three Photography is the studio of architectural and commercial photographer Lauren Gryniewski.
(It's easier than it looks: grin-ESS-key.)


I've loved taking photos as long as I can remember. In my closet, there are boxes upon boxes of experimental images that I took with kid-friendly cameras in the early 90s, each carefully paired with their sets of negatives, that I can't bring myself to throw away. Photos through plane windows. Photos of my childhood bedroom. Themed photos of my guinea pig dressed up in costumes. Pretty much anything a typical kid experienced, I photographed. I just loved the magic of capturing a moment followed by the anticipation of waiting to see how it would turn out.

My interest in photography continued through college, and I eagerly purchased a series of point-and-shoot digital cameras as the emerging technology continued to improve. I started to hone in on the types of images I wanted to create, and then the magic started when a friend gave me my first SLR in 2003. Nearly the entire first roll of film I shot on that camera featured the architecture and textures of Richmond, Virginia, where I had just moved for graduate school. (I still love many of those shots and, if you're interested, you can find them here.) 

My passion lies in documenting the beauty of spaces and places. I love telling the story of what makes a thoughtfully crafted environment special and creating images that make people feel as if they have experienced it firsthand.


I'm based in Minneapolis, but available to travel and shoot for a wide range of clients including architecture and interior design firms, commercial developers, brands and corporations, advertising agencies, cities and park boards, historical organizations, and hotels and resorts.

I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and I've also lived in Miami, Seattle, and San Francisco. Before Round Three, I worked as an advertising art director, stationery manufacturer, and gift shop owner. In my free time, I enjoy working on personal photography projects, gardening, and traveling with my family.


Albertsson Hansen Architecture

Arbor Wood Co.

Christian Dean Architecture

City Homes


Dunagan Diverio Design

E.K. Johnson Construction

Eclectic Home

Fuse57 Architecture

G. Thomas Construction

Giraffe Design Build
Gnome Architects

Grayspace Architecture

GRIT Construction

Hudson Valley Lighting Group


Imprint Architecture + Design

Kell Architects

LO Design

MDS Remodeling

Phillip Jeffries

SALA Architects

She She

Sleep Number

Snow Kreilich Architects


Summus Studio

Switchback Medical

TEA2 Architects

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